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Better Life PT Studio will introduce you to our sensible and scientifically proven training practices where you will feel comfortable and at the end of your session walk away feeling great and energised ready to face another day head on with whatever it may bring.

The components you need in order to live active lifestyle for as long as you can.


If you want to be able to do all your normal daily tasks and at the end of the day or week still feel good and have enough energy to do all the fun stuff on your bucket list, being strong will make all this happen. With strength it makes all tasks easier to do and with less stress placed upon the body, and if something is easy and less stressful generally you will use less energy to do them and what do you do with all this unused leftover energy, well, you can do whatever you want. That's the point.

Posture & Mobility

Being able to move your body through its full range and pain free will also give you more energy. When your body is not is its natural optimal position and doesn't move freely you need to use more energy to breathe and stand still, let alone do any task you require it to do. When your posture is in its optimal position for you, you will notice breathing becomes easier, you feel less tense, moving around is not an effort like it used to be life is good. This in turn also leaves you with all this extra energy as well as more clarity to focus because you're not being distracted with all the pains and niggles you use to have.

Good Understanding of Nutrition

This one is a bit of a no brainer, good nutrition = good gut health = strong immune system = healthy body = less sickness = quality life. Most people know what foods give you most benefits and generally eat a healthy diet, the common theme I see is that people underestimate how much and what type of energy the body needs compared to the type and amounts of food people eat. Knowing this can have dramatic effects on health and also body composition.


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