Strength: What is means to be strong.

When your strong everything would be so much easier to physically accomplish and your life would be better for it.

Please read a snippet extracted writing below from another one of my influential mentors for a better understanding of why strength is so important to us all.

Physical strength is the most important thing in life. This is true whether we want it to be or not. As humanity has developed throughout history, physical strength has become less critical to our daily existence, but no less important to our lives. Our strength, more than any other thing we possess, still determines the quality and the quantity of our time here in these bodies. Whereas previously our physical strength determined how much food we ate and how warm and dry we stayed, it now merely determines how well we function in these new surroundings we have crafted for ourselves as our culture has accumulated.....

Over and above any considerations of performance for sports, exercise is the stimulus that returns our bodies to the conditions for which they were designed. Humans are not physically normal in the absence of hard physical effort. Exercise is not a thing we do to fix a problem – it is a thing we must do anyway, a thing without which there will always be problems. Exercise is the thing we must do to replicate the conditions under which our physiology was – and still is – adapted, the conditions under which we are physically normal. In other words, exercise is substitute cave-man activity, the thing we need to make our bodies, and in fact our minds, normal in the 21st century. And merely normal, for most worthwhile humans, is not good enough.

- Starting Strength (3rd Edition) [2006] Mark Rippetoe -

Strength Training: Health Benefits

Different types of resistance training include:

Body Weight
This is when your own body weight is used as a form of resistance.
e.g. push-ups, chin-ups, squats, etc.
Use could also use bodyweight assisted equipment such as suspension straps which will help you by deloading a percentage of your bodyweight from the exercise until your strength is able to handle 100%.
A woman doing a bodyweight pushup.
Resistance Bands
Resistance bands can be like giant rubber bands, rubber tubing with handles or flat rubber strips.
These tools are great cause their small, compact, portable and also gives the user a different form or variable resistance.
Bands can be adapted to most workouts and exercises and also be used for assistance training and rehab type exercises.
A man doing knee flexion with a band strapped to his ankle.
Free Weights
Such as dumbbells, barbells and some consider cable machine to fit into this category too.
These metal bars are the basis for most resistance training and nearly all exercises are originated and performed with them.
This is the most effective form of resistance training and can lead to the best results with the most carryover into everyday life.
A woman lifting a barbell over her head.

There are a variety of physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved through functional strength training which aerobic training can not provide, these include:

  1. Prevention and control of most health conditions.
  2. Increase strength.
  3. Makes everyday tasks a lot easier to do.
  4. Increase in muscle tone.
  5. Helps make bones stronger.
  6. Improvement in posture.
  7. Helps control body fat.
  8. Boost metabolism. (burning more kilojoules when at rest)
  9. Weight management.
  10. Pain management.
  11. Improves everyday movement
  12. Decreased risk of injury. (such as falls)
  13. Helps with getting better quality sleep.
  14. Makes you fell more confident to do more things.
  15. Makes you feel good about yourself.

Energy Systems Training: There's 3 of them.

Why should you still have some of this training in your programs.

  1. Heart and Lunges work better with less stress.
  2. Increases recovery rate for everything.
  3. Reduced risk of debilitating conditions.
  4. Improved sleeping.
  5. Increased stamina.
  6. Blood Pressure Management
  7. Weight management.
  8. Better coordination and agility.
  9. Improved general and psychological wellbeing.
  10. Greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
A woman jogging in the park

What some of our clients have to say.

"I hate exercise and the thought of going to a gym was horrifying but after a long period of sickness and losing a lot of weight I needed help to get healthy again.
Diet alone wasn’t helping so I spoke to Chris one day about if training would help me gain weight. After only a few short months I started to regain the lost weight and was on the way to feeling a lot healthier. I have now achieved the weight I needed to be but still attend training, much to my surprise, I actually enjoy it.
Chris makes it fun while also teaching you what is best for your individual needs.

Sheridan, 37

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