Strength Training

There are only a few simple things you need to know about building muscle and getting stronger.

  • You need to stress your body just enough buy lifting, pulling, and pushing heavy things to initiate a stress and adaptation response from your body.
  • You need to feed the body with enough energy and nutrients that will encourage lean muscle growth with a fast healthy recovery.
  • You also need to have adequate rest for the body to recover and also build so that the body can handle the stress next time.

That being said it can also be really complicated as well, but that would depend on your reasoning for getting strong in the first place, which can also change while your body is transforming. Your trainer / coach at Better Life PT Studio will not only make sure all this is happening but also be able to explain the reasoning behind all your exercises, as to why you’re doing it, what benefit if should give you and how to make sure you’re doing it in a way that will not cause and long term negative effects, like pain or imbalances so that when you leave the studio to go about your everyday life you can use these skills your body has learned and make.

Better Life

Posture & Mobility

Better Life

Life is filled with many situations where repeated over and over again for hours at a time causes our body’s to shift change and adapt into different positions and in the long term creates premature wear and tear on out muscles, joints and leaves us unable to move freely and easily. By forcing our body’s to move through this newly restricted movement we can develop conditions like RSI, Inflammation, Pain, Arthritis and many more chronic issues which untreated will eventually lead to medications and in the worst case surgery.

In our posture and mobility sessions you will be assessed in a way that will reveal the underlining causes of your restrictions or pain and your programing will be based in correcting this as much a possible using the latest corrective exercise and mobilisations techniques.


Nutrition Coaching

Food and eating habits can be tricky to change for the long term. Most people can do the 6 week transformation where they are told to drastically change their whole diet and lifestyle to get the quick results they want. This method is not necessarily bad in any way depending on the person and some do get great results, but what happens after the 6 weeks?

More than not statistics show that when time period is over people tend to gravitate back to their old habits and lifestyle and eventually transform back into the person they were before the transformation. Why is this? There are a lot of ideas as to why this method doesn’t last for the long term, some complicated and scientific that people tend to grab on to because it gives them a reason to justify what happened so they don’t feel like a failure.

This is nobody’s fault and people shouldn’t feel bad about the results, it’s just that the method they used is unsustainable and is designed to only work short term.

Too truly change for the long term takes time, patientsand sustainable consistency.

At Better Life PT Studio we breakdown individual habits and skills that when put into place together give you all the power to be able to choose your own food and lifestyle that you can be happy about.

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Body Building

Better Life

There’s not much to know about bodybuilding a few key points can get you the results you want.

    • Volume is very important if you want to build lean muscle mass. This relates to how many days per week you train and also how much you train in each session.
    • Nutrition is the second most important component for building up your body. A variety of whole minimally unprocessed food will do the trick.
    • Consistency is also a major player when it comes to bodybuilding, it takes a certain level of commitment to really give you the physique you’re looking for.