Feel better in your body.

Don't let life get the better of your health or your wellbeing.

  • Are you Feeling tired all the time?
  • Not sleeping as well as you like?
  • Don't like the way you look naked in the mirror?
  • Not feeling confident to perform any physical activity whether it be or work, leisure, or pleasure?
  • Letting stress get the better of you?

If you have said yes to any of these questions, then you are in need of someone to help get your body back in action.

Health is more than just exercise.

So what's is it all about?

Here at Better Life PT Studio, we strive to be more than just an average exercise/coaching studio like everyone else, we help people bring about balance within the body and lifestyle.

You’ll find it either very difficult or just plain impossible to achieve want you what you want if you disregard all the other aspects in your life that have an influential effect on your health and wellbeing.

We have set out a detailed personal profile questionnaire to help pin point what areas are in need of improvement that will have the quickest and biggest impact.

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Why should I train?

Resistance, Aerobic, which is best for me?

Short answer is, it depends. Not very helpful is it? Well that’s because there are a lot of factors that determine what type of training you should be doing to get you the most benefits in the shortest time.

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From start to finish.

Eliminating what doesn't’t help and adding what does.

“The beginning of any journey starts with the first step.” This is a well-known concept that help us bring into perspective that anything we want to achieve is possible. If we just breakdown all the little tasks that need to be taken, than the goal doesn't’t seem all that impossible to reach.

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Wellness is all about balance.

Some of the things we need to consider.

There are a lot of things to consider when changing your lifestyle for something better. Learn about the hierarchy of how some things have more influence over others and how that can hold us back in ways we haven’t thought yet.

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Still unsure? Give our trial a go.

Take advantage of a small studio with all the comforts and privacy you can't get at other large facilities. No sign up, no contract, nothing to lose.

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What some of our clients have to say.

"I wanted a personal trainer that was personal!

I had tried the “clubs” which are only interested in my dollars and I never committed fully to my training. I looked for a local, private, non “boot-camp” style studio and I came across Better Life PT Studio. Chris immediately made me feel welcome. I have trained with Chris since October 2014. He has endless enthusiasm and encouragement, with a sense of humour, which makes training fun (mostly….lol)

My energy levels have increased, as has my strength and fitness. His programme keeps things interesting too, from weights, to circuits, to resistance training with the usual range of equipment like treadmill, bike and elliptical trainer. I can ask him about diet, nutrition and supplements –all of which he is quite knowledgeable. And if he doesn’t know he finds out.
I’ve got to go now – Chris is expecting me in 25 minutes!"

Andrew Macquart 53 years old (and getting younger)

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Operating Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 6am - 11am, 3pm - 7pm
  • Saturday: By appointment only
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