Individual Training: Where to Begin

The Rollout: This is a great exercise to help progress from the typical plank core exercise. By adding the exercise ball into the mix you create a dynamic movement that lets you control the intenisity of the exercise. If you feel it in your back just you might have moved foward too much for your current level. Take it slow and focus your awareness on your body.
There are many more progressions you can do with this exercise for more advance training programming. We use this in our studio for everyone and they get great results.

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How to Achieve a Muscular Body

This can be either very complex or simple depending on your body, training experience and a load of other factors.
I stick to the simple because that’s how I like to break things down and its helps me understand that it is possible for anyone to achieve if that is what they desire.
Factors that influence a muscular body.
1 - Body fat, the less amount of body fat you have the more muscular you look regardless of how big your muscles are.
2 - Resistance training is the easiest way to gain muscle mass and strength.
3 - No matter how hard you workout in the gym and on yourself if you don’t have recovery from daily stressors including exercise as priority your body will not have enough energy left over from the day to repair and grow over night.

There can be a lot more to it depending on your individual needs but the things I’ve just listed are the fundamental basics that everyone needs to apply in order the achieve this goal.


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Elements of a Proper Athletic Training

It goes without saying that every training course differs in its goals and techniques. There are even different workouts for men and women. However, you can easily find common elements almost for every workout, and this is what we will talk about in our article

If you want your training to be successful and bring good results, you have to remember about warming up at the beginning of your workout. For example, some of…

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